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Enaxium – For a healthy stomach and intestines

Enaxium – For a healthy stomach and intestines

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Good stomach function is essential to intestinal health. Well-functioning bowels require a well-functioning stomach. A combination of hydrochloric acid and 10 enzymes dissolve and digest food into a form more easily metabolised by the intestines.

Pack of 60 capsules.


Product Description

The combination of hydrochloric acid and 10 different enzymes in Enaxium promote the passage of nutrients into the intestinal tract in the form it requires – well broken down into small pieces.

Hydrochloric acid dissolves the ingested nutrition, and the enzymes break down the fats into fatty acids, proteins into amino acids and starch into various sugars. In this way, the sensitive intestinal bacteria are able to do their job properly and the body can get the full benefit of the nutrients in the food.

Insufficient acid in the stomach can impede nutrient absorption in the intestine.


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Boswellia serrata extr. (150 mg), pancreatin (100 mg), amylase (50 mg), protease (50 mg), lactase (50 mg, 4000 U), bromelain (25 mg, 600 GDU/g), papain (25 mg), pepsin (25 mg), ox gall (15 mg), lipase (10mg), cellulase (5 mg) Fillers: dicalcium phosphate and plant cellulose. Anti-caking agents: plant stearic acid, silicon dioxide, magnesium salts from vegetable fatty acids
One capsule a day 1–2 times just before meals. If you suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease, this product should not be used without approval by an attending healthcare professional.
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