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Acomax Shampoo and Conditioner – For healthy hair and scalp

Acomax Shampoo and Conditioner – For healthy hair and scalp

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• Nourishes
• Strengthens
• Normalises the bacterial flora of the scalp
• Treats dandruff and itchy scalp
• Conditioner moisturises and untangles the hair
• Shampoo and conditioner safe for the whole family


Product Description


The formula for Acomax hair serum has been a carefully guarded secret since its invention over 70 years ago. Acomax is one of the oldest and best-established families of products in the field of hair and scalp treatment. It combines folk medicine traditions, modern medicine and technological excellence. The first product in the family was hair serum. In 1942, Kaarina Arppe and expert on Lappish folk medicine Matti Mård developed a hair serum for hair and scalp problems using the nutritious herbs and plants that grow in Finland’s tough conditions. Acomax Hair Serum is a combination of almost 40 herbs and plants, and is specifically formulated to tackle hair and scalp problems.

As a hair serum, it has received a lot of international attention and has been awarded gold medals at several events, for example, in Brussels, Geneva, Vienna Hamburg, Paris, New York, Sydney and Toronto. The Acomax range was chosen Finland’s care product range of the year in 2007.

A pilot study supported by the Ministry of Trade in Industry in Finland (now part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment) was carried out in 1994, and a user survey of Acomax hair nutrient solution was completed in 1998. The results were astonishingly positive. Encouraged by the therapeutic results, the company set about expanding Acomax into a product line of shampoo and conditioner.

So now, the hair serum is part of a product family. Acomax capsules provided targeted nutrition to the hair papilla, and Acomax shampoo and conditioner keep the hair and scalp in good condition.

Today, the herbs used to make the even more effective hair serum are grown organically on farms in Finland. The flowers and plant parts are collected manually and dried, and then the extracts are made. The extracts are used to produce Acomax hair serum.

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Gentle cleans away accumulated haircare products and styling products. Recommended for use with hair serum to achieve best results. Also suitable for children.
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