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ProQD – To ensure your body’s wellbeing

A safe product designed for demanding customers that already has plenty of satisfied users.

The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare recommends the use of vitamin D as a nutritional supplement, as it has been proven to be important to health. A study conducted in the European Union showed that a low consumption rate of vitamin D results in healthcare costs of EUR 187 billion.

Pack of 60 capsules.

59,80  Excl. Vat
Joint Pack 1 – Seralgin, ArthroQ and ProQD – A powerful composition for healthy joints

Joint Pack 1 contains all the ingredients needed to ensure the wellbeing of joints, muscles and capillaries. This pack also ensures you get sufficient vitamin D and coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone).
60 capsules / product.

151,75  Excl. Vat
Joint Pack 2 – Seralgin and ArthroQ – A powerful composition for healthy joints

Joint Pack 2 is the right choice when vitamin D and ubiquinone levels are known to be good. You must also make sure to get adequate exercise in order to ensure that the capillaries remain open for transporting important nutrients to the articular cartilage.

60 capsules / product.

99,27  Excl. Vat
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